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Death By Chocolate (Hot)


Heat Level – 6 / 10

5oz. Bottle

Chocolate Habanero with Cocoa

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Recipient of multiple awards!


2022 Screaming Mi Mi Awards
3RD PLACE:  Hot Sauce Category “Habanero”

2021 International Flavor Awards – Spicy Flave Awards
1ST PLACE:  Hot Sauce Category “Caribbean Hot Sauces”

6th Annual New Jersey Hot Sauce Festival (2021):
2ND PLACE:  Customer’s Choice Best Hot Sauce

The 2020 Scovie Awards:
BRONZE MEDAL:  Hot Sauce Category “World Beat (HOT)”

5th Annual New Jersey Hot Sauce Festival (2020):
WINNER:  Customer’s Choice Best Hot Sauce

4th Annual New Jersey Hot Sauce Festival (2019):
WINNER:  Best Individual Sauce


Heat Level – 6 / 10

For our flagship sauce: Death By Chocolate, we focus on our favorite pepper, the Chocolate Habanero, which is — like us, a little different.

It is one of the oldest and hottest varieties of habanero. Although it takes a little more time to grow, it has one of the most unique flavors in this pepper family. We believe this unique character demands a delicious sauce, so we enhance the Chocolate Habanero with cocoa as a nod to it’s Mesoamerican roots.

We know you will appreciate its’ flavors as much as we do!

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19 reviews for Death By Chocolate (Hot)

  1. Marcie (verified owner)

    This hot sauce has AMAZING flavor! It was the perfect addition to the chicken I had tonight.

  2. Kirk

    This is the first sauce I’ve found that had a great flavor AND enough heat. This sauce is beautifully HOT and can raise beads of sweat on your brow. If you use too much you get sweat on the back of your neck. Flavor wise I’ve never tasted a pepper with the flavor profile of the Chocolate Congo, some place deliciously between sweet and savory. Even the weak of heart could love this sauce by not using too much. For me, I’ll take too much every time

  3. Sam

    You won’t find another hot sauce like Death By Chocolate. The Caribbean style lends itself to practically everything imaginable while it’s slow building burn keeps you coming back for more. The first thing I put it on was a grilled chicken sandwich, and (of course) it was just that much more delicious. Look no further; this is the mother of daily driver hot sauces.

  4. Rahul Cherian (verified owner)

    This is delicious! While it is certainly hot and is great just drizzled on things, it isn’t so vinegary that you can’t cook with it. I added it to my chili recipe and between the heat, twang and subtle sweet notes it added a lot of depth to the dish!

  5. Joshua Dix (verified owner)

    Black Eyed Susan’s Death by Chocolate is a fantastic hot sauce that packs the heat and delivers on flavor. A mix of fruity and savory, almost meatish, flavors gets you first with a good heat coming through after that. I really like adding it to my black bean tacos for some extra flavor and kick.

  6. Travis Jones (verified owner)

    Excellent combination of flavor and heat. Aroma is more like a barbecue sauce but heat is delivered as well. Tried it on both ribs and fried chicken. Easily complimented both while providing a little sweat from the heat. Easy win for a hot sauce lover.

  7. Brett Robinson (verified owner)

    Perfect balance of heat and flavor. Made 4th of July burgers yummy!

  8. Ruby (verified owner)

    I tried this hot sauce on fried chicken. It has a nice kick to it with GREAT flavor, the HEAT🔥is definitely there. I highly recommend it if you love spicy food.

  9. William Casbourne (verified owner)

    Perfect blend of rich flavor and heat to satisfy a true Pepper Head. Arrived today and it went perfectly with our steak burritos for dinner. Can’t wait to try it with chicken and the dry rub for ribs.. Hot sauces are a dime a dozen these days, and this sauce is unique and truly stands out.

  10. Brian Detweiler (verified owner)

    With a slightly above medium heat, the cocoa and the fruit balance perfectly. It was a wonderful enhancement to some guac and chips.

  11. Alex

    The sauce has an incredible flavor profile and it’s not just hot for the sake of being hot like a many boutique hot sauces. It is something you can pretty much put on any food where hot sauce could be applied and it enhances, not overwhelms, whatever you were eating. One thing I love is that the heat can sneak up on you as that great flavor has you liberally apply it to everything that you eat, enjoy the ride!

  12. Maddy W

    I’ve never been a hot sauce person until trying this one! As a lover of heat (and chocolate), the Death By Chocolate strikes the perfect balance of sweet and savory. I’ve added this to any and every recipe that I can (salsa, steak, enchiladas, tacos, etc.). It brings a unique long lasting heat, that isn’t overwhelming, but packs a flavorful punch. Can’t wait to try other sauces they release

  13. Adam W

    This is a sauce like no other. As a hot sauce collector and chilihead, I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting sauces. Death By Chocolate fits the bill perfectly. Chocolate Habanero is an amazing pepper, and the cocoa notes in this sauce complement it in a surprisingly ideal way, creating a delightful sauce that stands out from the common formula of “pepper mash + fruit + vinegar.” What’s truly unique about this sauce, though, is its versatility. Often, sauces with unique or unusual flavor profiles don’t pair well with many foods, or overpower the foods they’re paired with. Death By Chocolate, on the other hand, brings enough of its own flavor to enhance foods, while remaining subtle enough to work well as a go-to table sauce. Black Eyed Susan Spice Co. has really nailed this sauce, and I’m excited to see what they do next.

  14. Eddie (verified owner)

    Hot, but not so hot as to hide flavor. Put it on all of the food you put hot sauce on.

  15. Nehal Desai (verified owner)

    Pleasantly surprised by the flavor of this sauce. Perfect kick that bland food needs and goes with a variety of things. Goes with grilling meat or to add to a rice or pasta dish. It’s an all around sauce that will replace my Siracha.

  16. Drew

    Good stuff guys, great heat amount, and smooth flavor.

  17. John D

    What is most exciting about experimenting with different hot sauces is that I can still be surprised by a certain flavor combination or food pairing. The surprise, of course, is not always pleasant, but Death By Chocolate (Hot) Hot Sauce proved that some risks are worth the reward. A silky and sweet taste, followed by a wallop of delectable and spicy flavor that sits nicely on the palate, BlackEyedSpices truly checks all the boxes for what I search for in a hot sauce. My first taste of this sauce made me a habitual user, and I simply love the versatility – chicken, steak, pork, you name it! I have yet to find a dish that is not significantly improved by adding this delightfully bittersweet, fragant, and pleasantly hot product! Anyone who is looking to try something new should truly consider purchasing this locally made hot sauce today! I’d recommend the big bottle! You’ll want it on everything!

  18. Davis (verified owner)

    The hot sauce is great. They don’t sacrifice flavor to get more heat. It also goes great with just about everything. I’ve put it on chicken and pizza as well as in chili. The sauce adds flavor to all of it.

  19. Jay

    Picked up a bottle of hot at the Baltimore Bacon Fest. Gotta buy another one soon. I put this sauce on everything!

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