Death By Chocolate (Hot)

Hot Sauce Made with Chocolate Habaneros, Cocoa, and Caribbean Spices

Our most decorated sauce!

4th Annual New Jersey Hot Sauce Festival (2019):

WINNER:  Best Individual Sauce

The 2020 Scovie Awards:

BRONZE MEDAL:  Hot Sauce Category “World Beat (HOT)”

5th Annual New Jersey Hot Sauce Festival (2020):

WINNER:  Customer’s Choice Best Hot Sauce

Heat Level – 6 / 10

For our flagship sauce: Death By Chocolate, we focus on our favorite pepper, the Chocolate Habanero, which is — like us, a little different.

It is one of the oldest and hottest varieties of habanero. Although it takes a little more time to grow, it has one of the most unique flavors in this pepper family. We believe this unique character demands a delicious sauce, so we enhance the Chocolate Habanero with cocoa as a nod to it’s Mesoamerican roots.

We know you will appreciate its’ flavors as much as we do!

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